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oops, i'm actually inactive now

i keep forgetting to check this

it's almost 3 am, i'ma go now
to anyone who read this, goodcustard/have a good rest of your day!! :D

imagine deleting posts because you wanted to change a few words lmao

yeah so i did this lol

i literally forgot that i had a twitter account until now

also, those sentences are pissing me off. at least fucking type correctly if you're going to be a toxic bitch.

"The gif triggered you huh? K"
"You can't type proper sentences, huh? Alright."

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[to the person who said the shit in the screenshot]
you.. don't.. understand what "triggered" means-

this is random, but like
today is the 1 year anniversary for insanity island!! :D
[in case if you were wondering, insanity island's a minecraft server ]

i took a fucking shower at 2:30 am
what the hell is wrong with me lmao

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yes i'm serious, check the link below, it's $15 for the preorder and $25 after preorders are up so GOGOGOGO!!!!

lmao help i keep forgetting i have an account here


can someone give me a tutorial on how to remove the blurriness from your vision

i mean, when i got my eyes checked, i was told that they're fine, but my eyes cross randomly, randomly stop focusing, and my vision is kinda blurry [it also randomly gets blurrier and stays that way for a while]

i just want to be able to see lmao

why is there a winning smile face staring at me through my window

it's nearly 1 am, most people are sleeping, but i just
i'm currently ranting
to a fucking f a n
about how my state's name is pronounced-- what

i just found out that people *intentionally* come to wisconsin for vacation

why would anyone want to come here-- what

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