Fixed that nasty bug that resulted in packages being extracted without keeping special bits or attributes

long term road map:
* get some sort of automated package building going (think waterfall or koji)
* figure out how to display our packages on the web
* repology n stuffs
* guides on how to write PKGSCRIPTs

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* add maintainers support to sheath
* create a script to generate repo dbs
* link dependencies

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short term road map:
* get the last couple bits packaged up
* figure out the base system packages
* figure out what needs to go on the image
* create install scripts

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fixed some final issues and now i have a working gcc package, just gonna take a bit to upload to the mirror

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aaa not feelin great, send pictures of cats please

looks like other programs (like yuzu) are also having this issue

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so like oneshot is just broken on the latest libgio oops

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